Pregătirea pentru zbor

O călătorie în familie necesită organizare și răbdare! Din aceea am adunat aici toate informațiile practice de care veți avea nevoie pentru ca totul să meargă conform planului.

Necessary Travel Documents 

When planning or preparing for a trip to any destination don’t forget to check the travel regulations that apply to the country of departure and destination.  Make sure that you have all the necessary and valid documentation required for adult and young travelers.

For children traveling abroad, it is always necessary to check the country exit and entry requirements. Some destinations may require the display of a passport, whereas travel within the European Union, Schengen and Greece may only require an identification card.

Flights within Greece simply require the display of an identification card (if the child is over 12 years old) or a health card with a photo or birth certificate.

In general, the following documents may be requested for travel: 

  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Residency permit

Note: For specific information on your destination, please refer to the competent authorities of your departure and arrival countries.

In the event that one parent is traveling with a child, the display a formal declaration (validated by a Public Authority such as Citizens' Service Centre (KEP), Police Department, etc.) clearly showing that the other parent approves the trip is mandatory.

Furthermore, in case a child is accompanied by another adult, other than the parents, this formal declaration must be signed by both parents and certify the relationship of the companion to the child.

For international flights, the formal declaration (which should be in English) is also mandatory.  In any case, we strongly advise and recommend contacting the competent authorities of your country of departure and arrival.

What should I know if I am pregnant and traveling?

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