Planificați-vă călătoria la Ikaria

Since mythical times, when Ikaros wanted to fly to the sun and fell in the sea of Ikaria, the wind of freedom has never stopped blowing on the island. As soon as you get there, you will find out that the rumours portraying the locals as people of their own norms and rules are quite true. Time takes a different dimension on this special island of the north-east Aegean sea, and if you really want to feel its magic, you will have to follow its own pace. Listen to the stories of locals and accept their treats. Party in their famous fairs till morning. Sometimes, practice a self-service approach in the tavernas. In other words, relax and enjoy it. The secrets of the island are not just about customs and traditions. The mainland of Ikaria is full of verdant forests, gorges and rivers, ideal for nature loving tracks. In the thermal springs of the island you can enjoy rejuvenating baths, while the crystal waters of Icarian Sea are simply unforgettable. Book your flights with Aegean Airlines for Ikaria and experience the original atmosphere of a special island.

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