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20 years Miles+Bonus. And the journey continues!

This year, we celebrate Miles+Bonus’ 20 years. 20 years full of unforgettable trips, new experiences, and lots of memories!

On occasion of our birthday, we invited our members to take part in the activation “20 years Miles+Bonus. Every journey is a milestone!” and earn up to 2,000,000 award miles instantly, so as their dreams come true.

To sum up:
  • 150.000+ members took part in the activation
  • 500.000.000+ miles were gifted to our members in total
  • 2 lucky members earned 2,000,000 miles each
  • 2 lucky members earned 1,000,000 miles each
We would like to thank you for all the exciting milestones we have experienced with you and look forward to many more milestones together in the future!

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