Terms and conditions - AEGEAN Marathon time

The terms and conditions of this promotion have been placed on file with the Athens-based notary, Haralambos Fotopoulos, and a deed (No. 1077/25.10.2019) was drawn up relating to the filing of the terms and conditions. Any participant in the promotion or any third party may obtain an exact copy of that deed at own expense. 

  1. Scope of Promotion 
    The company with the corporate name "AEGEAN AIRLINES S.A.", whose registered offices are at 31 Viltanioti St., Kifissia, Attica, (hereinafter the "Organiser"), is sponsoring the promotion entitled “Marathon Time” (hereinafter the “Promotion”).  To run and publicise the Promotion the Organiser has chosen Ogilvy One S.A., which operates in the advertising sector (hereinafter OGILVY ONE), whose registered offices are at 11A Imathias St., GR-15344, Tax Reg. No. 094188587 / Athens FAE Tax Office (hereinafter the “Associate”) and ATCOM Internet and Multimedia Services Trading Co. S.A., whose registered offices are at 95 Aristotelous St., Acharnes, GR-13674, as its associates. 

    The Promotion will be run via the website https://en.aegeanair.com/organoste/prosfores-diagonismoi/marathontime, and will commence at 14:00 hours on Tuesday, 29.10.2019 (EET) and end at 16:00 hours (EET) on Thursday 7.11.2019.
    Using promotional materials displayed on aegeanair.com and a promotional campaign in the mass media, the Organiser will invite participants to visit the following address https://en.aegeanair.com/organoste/prosfores-diagonismoi/marathontime which has been specifically set up for the purposes of the promotion and is intended to invite them to take part in the Promotion.

    The Organiser invites athletes who have applied to run the Athens Authentic Marathon on 10.11.2019, to take part in the Promotion by indicating the time they believe they will need to finish the 42km Authentic Marathon, so that if they achieve that time they will win tickets for themselves and their 2 supporters to run a subsequent marathon in one of the cities/destinations in the Organiser’s network. During the Athens Authentic Marathon on Sunday, 10.11.2019, the screens to be installed at the Organiser’s stand will display the details of those participants who finished in the time they predicted (give or take 10 minutes either way), which is to say it will show their name and surname, the time they finished in and the city/destination where the Marathon they have said they want to travel to is taking place.

    After entering the Promotion via https://en.aegeanair.com/organoste/prosfores-diagonismoi/marathontime the participant must follow the steps below.

    Step 1
    The participant/athlete in the Athens Authentic Marathon must provide the information requested, namely:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Email 
    • Nationality
    • City and country of residence
    • Language of communication with the Organiser (if the country of residence indicated is Greece or Cyprus)
    • Date of birth
    • Bib number, specified by the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) and provided by SEGAS upon registration.
    • The time he/she believes he/she will complete the Athens Authentic Marathon in on 10.11.2019.
    • The city/destination in the Organiser’s network he/she wants to travel to if he/she wins in order to take part in a Marathon. 

    He/she can also opt in to receive the Organiser’s newsletter.

    Step 2
    The participant/athlete in the Athens Authentic Marathon must select “Accept the terms” in order to be able to submit his/her entry.

    After the entry has been successfully registered, by way of confirmation the participant will automatically receive a confirmation email from the Organiser at the email address stated in the entry form. The confirmation email will include his/her name/surname, bib number, time the athlete believes the Athens Authentic Marathon will be completed in, and the city/destination in the Organiser’s network he/she wants to travel to if he/she wins in order to take part in a Marathon.

    The Organiser bears no responsibility nor assumes any obligation with regard to securing or facilitating access to internet sites or for providing the relevant facilities to any interested party with respect to their participation in the Promotion. Access to the Promotion is only permitted under the operating terms and conditions for the applicable server and the technical and other conditions and specifications for the Contest. The Organiser considers that each participant is the holder of and has exclusive control over the personal data provided. The Organiser shall not be liable for any charges to the participants/users arising from the aforementioned grounds.
  2. Eligibility
    All athletes who run the Athens Authentic Marathon on 10 November, who have received participation details from SEGAS, are eligible to participate in the Promotion. Furthermore, individuals falling into the following categories are excluded from the Promotion:
    (a) Anyone under the age of 18; 
    (b) anyone who has expressly not agreed to these terms and conditions of use;
    (c) employees of the Organiser and its subsidiary OLYMPIC AIR; 
    (d) employees of companies which in any way participate in setting up and running the Promotion, including but not limited to OGILVY ONE, ATCOM, etc. who are involved in setting up and running the Promotion;
    (e) employees of companies affiliated with the Organiser and affiliated with the companies referred to in Article 2(d);
    (f) first- and second-degree relatives of the employees referred to in paragraphs (c), (d) and (e) above and the spouses of said employees.

    The Organiser is not liable to any person for any misuse of this service. The Organiser reserves the right (but is not required) to exclude from the Promotion, at any stage thereof, persons who, in its view, may have used (or attempted to use) unlawful means regarding their participation or who breach any of the terms of this Article. 

    “Unlawful means" shall mean, inter alia, cooperation with other persons, use of devices, arrays, computers and/or software to facilitate automated or multiple participations without human intervention, etc.  In all events, the Organiser may exclude any user/visitor/participant from the Promotion using any lawful means.
     Participation in this Promotion is conditional upon access of the participants to the Internet using their own technical means. It shall be voluntary and requires prior agreement of the participants with the terms and conditions of the Promotion.
    Each participant may only take part once, using a unique bib number for the Athens Authentic Marathon. Participation means any valid submission of the entry form as outlined in paragraph 1 above. 

  3. Prizes - Draw 
    Entries in which all mandatory fields have been filled out are valid.
    Then all persons who, according to the official Athens Authentic Marathon times, finished the race in the time specified in their entry form, give or take 10 minutes either way, shall be entered in a draw and 50 of them will win 3 return tickets, 1 for themselves, and 1 for each of the 2 companions nominated by themselves, if they win the draw, when the prizes are chosen, to accompany them to the Marathon to be held in the city/destination specified in their entry form. 
    For example, if a user has declared that he/she will finish in 3 hours and 11 minutes and he/she actually finishes in 3 hours and 21 minutes, he/she will be included in the draw.

    The draw will take place on Tuesday 12.11.2019 and the names of winners of the draw will be announced after 14:00 hours on 14.11.2019 at https://en.aegeanair.com/organoste/prosfores-diagonismoi/marathnontime. 

    3.1. Prizes Airline ticket prize terms:
    Tickets are subject to the following conditions:
    • The airline tickets are round-trip, economy class tickets and apply exclusively to flights operated by the Organiser and its subsidiary, doing business as Olympic Air, to the destination stated by the winner when he/she participated in the Promotion.
    • Each winner shall be given 3 return tickets, 1 for him/herself and 1 for each of the 2 person designated as companions.
    • The air tickets are offered on a "space confirmed" basis and cannot be issued with an open date. Under no circumstances can the route or class of the ticket be modified.
    • Airport taxes and fees (as in force at the specific period) are included in the offer and are not payable by the winner and his/her companions.
    • The airline tickets must be used on the same flight, on the same date and at the same time by the winner and the companion of his/her choosing.
    • Where the Organiser does not fly directly from the winner’s point of departure to the destination specified in the entry form, the Organiser and its subsidiary, doing business as Olympic Air, undertakes to fly the winner and companions from an intermediate point, provided all flights are operated by the Organiser and its subsidiary, doing business as Olympic Air. For example, if the winner lives on Rhodes, and wishes to participate in the Berlin Marathon, the winner will travel to that destination via Athens. 
    • The trip must take place by 15/11/2020. The following periods are excluded: 
    • 22/12/19 - 07/01/20, 
      28/02/20 - 03/03/20, 
      24/03/20 - 26/03/20, 
      10/04/20 - 22/04/20, 
      30/04/20 - 03/05/20, 
      29/05/20 – 02/06/20,
      01/07/20 - 31/08/20

    • Airline tickets will only be booked and issued after the winner contacts the company’s ticket issuing office at the email address servicingoffice@aegeanair.com or by calling +30 210 6261709.
    • The tickets are N fare class and the availability of these tickets on the flights chosen by the winners will depend on the availability of N fare class seats.
    • If the Organiser’s flight schedule is amended and the destination corresponding to each winner is no longer available due to the Organiser’s fault, the winner can choose any other destination from the network of the Organiser and its subsidiary, doing business as Olympic Air, for which point to point flights are offered.
    • It is explicitly agreed that the air tickets may not be sold or exchanged for cash. The tickets are only valid for flights operated by the Organiser or its subsidiary, and cannot be exchanged for tickets with another airline.
    • Any ticket not used for any reason will be voided and the winner may not claim any other prize or any compensation or remuneration.
    • The airline’s liability is limited by the provisions of Greek and international legislation currently in force.
    Any further information and/or details of the prizes and their terms of use shall be notified by the Organiser making posts using its official communication channels. Both the prizes and their terms of use may be modified at the sole discretion of the Organiser. 

    Where the Organiser does contact the winner, he/she will be asked over the phone to provide the minimum personal data necessary so that all further steps can be taken (announcement, dispatch of prize, etc.). It is hereby clarified that award of any prize to the winner shall furthermore depend on the condition precedent that the winner produces and demonstrates to the Organiser the details referred to in this clause (loyalty programme membership number, production of ID card/Passport) within the time limit set; otherwise, the relevant prize shall not be awarded.

    The Organiser reserves the right to announce the winners’ names via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, television or radio spot, spreads in magazines including the Blue in-flight magazine, newspapers, online, and at the Organiser’s stores. By participating in the Promotion participants are presumed to have granted their consent to such disclosure of their names. The Organiser reserves the right to demand from each winner his/her written consent, provided freely and without coercion, for use of their minimum necessary details on the Contest website or in the context of any other promotional activity related to the Promotion. For the avoidance of any doubts, no participant shall be considered, or may claim to be, a final winner, in accordance with these terms, unless delivery of the prize (tickets) to him/her has been completed in accordance with the terms contained herein. Any publication of the result of a draw or of the name of an alleged winner on the Contest webpage does not make the result final nor does it establish any claim for any such person.

  4. Date of start-end of Promotion – Duration
    The Promotion starts on Tuesday 29.10.2019 at 14:00 (EET) and ends on Thursday 7.11.2019 at 16:00 (EET).

  5. Change of terms and conditions of use
    The Organiser reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its discretion, informing visitors/users about any amendments and changes through the Promotion website (https://en.aegeanair.com/organoste/prosfores-diagonismoi/marathontime).

  6. Express Declaration – Consent – Acceptance by the Participants
    All participants in the Promotion hereby fully and unreservedly accept these terms and conditions of use. Persons who do not accept the terms and conditions of use should not participate in the Promotion. Furthermore, all participants explicitly and unreservedly acknowledge, state and accept that:
    (a) The personal data provided in the context of this Promotion may not belong to any third party, whether a natural or legal person, but only to themselves; 
    (b) They do not infringe personal data or privacy rights of any third party;
    (c) They do not infringe intellectual property rights of any third party.

  7. Publicity
    The terms and conditions of participation in the Promotion have been placed on file with the Athens-based notary Haralambos Fotopoulos, and posted to the Promotion website at  https://en.aegeanair.com/organoste/prosfores-diagonismoi/marathontime/terms-and-conditions/.
    Any participant in the Promotion or any third party may obtain an exact copy of that deed at own expense.

  8. Withdrawal of Notice – Amendment of Terms - Liability
    The Organiser shall be entitled to withdraw the Promotion notice in whole or in part or amend these terms (including but not limited to the duration of the Promotion). The Organiser shall bear no liability under any circumstances for any direct or indirect losses, expenses or costs which may arise from any interruption, malfunction, delay or any other reason with regard to the Promotion.

    Moreover, the Organiser shall bear no liability, whether criminal or civil, to any participant or third party for any accident which may occur and/or loss and/or physical or material harm suffered by them relating directly or indirectly to their participation in the Promotion or on any other ground.
    It is expressly understood that, after the conclusion of this Promotion or after the new date that may be set following any postponement or change in the duration of the Promotion, entries shall no longer be accepted and any entries submitted shall automatically be considered null and void and shall not be binding on the Organiser and/or any other third party. In that case, by participating in this Promotion, participants irrevocably accept that they do not acquire any right or claim against the Organiser nor do they become entitled to demand continuation of the Promotion that has ended or any further compensation.
  9. Trademarks – Intellectual Property
    Participants shall neither have nor acquire any rights whatsoever in respect of the trademarks, names, marks, logos and other insignia of the Organiser, OGILVY ONE or ATCOM.

  10. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction
    These terms and conditions and all types of contractual and non-contractual relations arising as a result of their implementation shall be governed by Greek law for all participants. Any dispute related to the Promotion that may arise in the future falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens, even with respect to non-residents of Greece. By participating in this promotional campaign participants state that they have gained thorough knowledge of all Comprehensive Terms of the Programme and that they unconditionally accept such Terms in their entirety.

    Participants state that they have gained thorough knowledge of all Comprehensive Terms of the promotion and that they unconditionally accept such Terms in their entirety. Each participant states that he/she holds no claims whether current or future, against the Organiser, OGILVY ONE and ATCOM, or its executives, employees or performance agents with respect to the running of this promotional campaign, the implementation of its terms or any other cause relating directly or indirectly to the promotional campaign. Each participant explicitly consents and agrees to the simultaneous assignment and full and final transfer to the Organiser, OGILVY ONE and ATCOM, free of charge, of any and all intellectual property rights or related rights over the visual material described above. The latter shall be entitled to exploit such visual material in any manner for the creation of on- and off-line advertisements, for the internet and/or for the press or television. For any information regarding the Promotion, participants may send an e-mail to contest@aegeanair.com. 

    The company AEGEAN AIRLINES S.A., whose registered offices are at 31 Viltanioti St., Kifissia Attica (hereinafter the Company) is the data controller for your personal data in the context of your participation in the promotion entitled “Marathon Time”. Since it is our strategic aim to ensure that participants’ data enjoys maximum protection, we feel obliged to inform you both about our practices, and the choices and the rights you have. 

    I. What personal data do we collect?
    To participate in the contest, our company collects and processes the personal data you have declared. That data is automatically registered in relation to the promotion when you submit your entry.

    II. For what purposes is personal data collected and processed?
    We collect and process your personal data solely and exclusively to enable you to participate in the promotion, to identify you, make announcements and contact you if you are chosen as winner. In the next stage, if you are declared the winner, we will process your personal data only if you have given us your express consent so that we can promote the Company's activities to the general public. More specifically, the Company will process the following data: 
    Your name, surname, email, nationality, city and country of residence, language of communication, date of birth, marathon bib number, time you believe you will finish in, as part of the prize for the promotion https://en.aegeanair.com/organoste/prosfores-diagonismoi/marathontime in order to market the Promotion in the printed and electronic media, the internet worldwide and in perpetuity, on any online and offline company channels (internet, mobile applications, third-party websites, social media, YouTube, airport screens, in-flight entertainment programs, etc.), as well as on the internet, on television or cinema for such time and wherever considered necessary by the Company.

    III. Who is your personal data disclosed and/or sent to?
    Our Company may transfer, disclose, or grant access to your personal data to companies operating in its name and on its behalf, in order to help it achieve its purposes.

    VI. How do we protect your personal data?
    To ensure that the personal data collected is used properly and kept safe, and to prevent unauthorised or accidental access, processing, deletion, corruption or other use thereof, the Company implements various internal policies and takes all necessary organisational, technical, physical, electronic and procedural security measures and applies technological standards in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

    VII. How long will we retain your personal data for? 
    We retain your personal data for as long as necessary in the context of completing the contest and in all events for a period not exceeding 3 months after the end of the contest, namely up to 8.2.2020, and/or for purposes for which you have given us your consent. After that date, the data is removed from our files and system, in compliance with our company policy and provided that retention is no longer required to meet the purposes outlined above or to meet business, tax or accounting requirements or to defend our rights before any competent court or any other authority.

    VIII. What are your rights?
    You are entitled to request and receive access to, update, and obtain a copy of your personal data which we collect and process. If you want a copy of all or part of your personal data please contact us at the company’s contact details set out in the relevant section hereof “IX. How can you contact us?”. 

    Moreover, we would like to inform you that you have the right to ask for your personal data to be erased if (a) it is no longer necessary to fulfil the purposes of our contractual relationship, (b) the data was unlawfully processed illegally and outside of the purposes set out in detail herein, (c) it is required by law or (d) the date specified in term VII has elapsed.

    You are also entitled to withdraw your consent (in whole or in part) to the collection and processing of your personal data by our company. In that case, you need to bear in mind that any withdrawal of consent does not in any way affect the legality of the processing up to the moment of withdrawal. Consequently, you can freely withdraw any or all consent given at any time by submitting your written request to the email address provided below in term “IX. How can you contact us?” If consent is withdrawn, we will take reasonable measures to inform third party processors who have processed the data.

    IX. How can you contact us?
    For more information or clarifications about the policy our company follows to protect your personal data, please contact Aegean Airlines’ DPO: Marios Menexiadis, email: dpo@aegeanair.com or privacy@aegeanair.com, Postal address: 31 Viltanioti St., Kifissia, Athens, Greece GR-14564. We will be happy to assist you.
Modification of the deed No. 1077/25.10.2019
With the 1088/1-11-2019 deed that has been placed on file with the Athens-based notary, Haralambos Fotopoulos [Solonos 47, zip code 106 72, tel. 210 3617704], the article 3 of the terms and conditions of the promotion <<Marathon Time>> that has been filed with the above-mentioned notary public and filed under No. 1077 / 25.10.2019, is modified. More specifically:

Modification of the article 3 – Prizes  - Draw
More specifically it is added that: ''In order to confirm the validity of the participants’ data and verify their finishing time at the Marathon race, it is clarified that those data will be cross-checked and verified with the Athens Authentic Marathon organization.''